British born Lucy Gallant's heritage is as eclectic as her music – being part Burmese, Russian, Irish and Australian. Perhaps this mash up of cultural backgrounds is what inspires Lucy's blend of different genres in her music which is further enhanced by her thought provoking lyrics; lyrics that can be uplifting whilst also edging towards something darker - and with titles like Murder and Fire Girl amongst the lighter Free Like Me or Lets go to the Beach you can expect the unexpected! The songs are all original works and she is a multi talented song writer, musician, Producer. Lucy’s voice has great dynamic range, smoothly jumping from lows to highs, from delicate to fierce. She is also a talented guitarist and drummer and for some songs she plays intricate, high energy rhythms on her Djembe and Cajon whilst singing. She has toured all over the U.S.A, Australia, South America,  U.K and much of Europe, playing at both intimate venues and world renowned festivals like Glastonbury Festival (UK), Splendour in the Grass (Aus), Byron Bay Blues Festival (Aus), Caloundra Music Festival (Aus), Art Basel Festival Miami(USA) to name just a few!    She is a woman with a mission – she wants to bring people together through music that calls for people to be true to themselves, to be free and to be happy. She also just loves to play music and that is clear every time you hear her play and every time you find yourself singing one of her songs long after you heard her perform it live!

Lucy Gallant is hailed as one of the most talented indie artists on the scene. The British-born virtuoso plays an array of instruments, skillfully producing intricate, high-energy rhythms on the Cajón, while simultaneously singing and playing guitar, drums, ukulele or melodica. Gallant’s unique voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion in her songs. From light-hearted and ethereal to intense and edgy, her vocals propel passion as visceral and versatile as her lyrics.

She writes her own original songs, fusing sounds of rock, soul, Reegae and folk-pop.
Having toured the USA, Japan, Australia and much of Europe, the bohemian powerhouse dazzled audiences at both intimate venues and major festivals such as Byron Bay Bluesfest, Woodford, Splendour in the Grass, Caloundra Music Festival, Art Basel, and multiple times at the world's most famous music event Glastonbury.

Gallant’s multicultural heritage is eclectically reflected in her craft. Her Burmese,
Russian, Irish and Australian roots inspire genre-blended tunes and thought provoking verses. Her colorful repertoire of medicinal, empowering, uplifting music which unites those who imbibe its aural magic. Fans throughout the world are vitalized by her live shows, which at times include mesmerizing fire dancing and an invitation for audiences to join her on stage in an extraordinary co-creative experience.

While no set is ever the same, the effect of Gallant’s music remains a pure and undeniable
enthrallment. Her artistry is a movement of love and liberation, with a mission to stimulate joy. It is the reason she awakens with a smile each day . . . and precisely why her fans follow suit.

Quotes & Reviews

This Byron local is currently on tour in the US. Festival Director Peter Noble says: “It is only a matter of time before she is a household name in Australia, on a major record label and headlining festivals here and around the world".

Peter Noble, Byron Bay Blues Festival

Lucy's a talented songwriter, singer, and musician. Her gigs in the Pussy Parlure in 2015 & 2017 were so entertaining, she got the whole audience singing. A real pleasure! Her songs are smart, intelligent and funny. Lucy interacts with her audience so naturally and her voice is beautiful and unique, different, like someone you remember such as the likes of Billie Holiday or Amy Winehouse. We look forward to her return.

Malcolm Haynes, Glastonbury Festival

“Lucy delivers great vocals, down-to-earth music, and a touch of exotic charm.”

Javier Encalada, Sunshine Coast Daily
Northern Star Press - Splendour in The Grass Festival

This is a quirky little ditty and it makes me smile. Lucy Gallant - 'Sometimes' (Free Like Me).
Xavier Rudd